We got you covered

FGI Industrial


Our largest part of the company is FGI Industrial where we handle all commercial, industrial, and mechanical work. We have the means to build entire production facilities, or demolish and remove if need be. Our experienced trades people are perfect for any job large or small. Some of the most common tasks are listed below.

FGI Construction


FGI Construction focuses mostly on working directly with home owners on a 1 on 1 level. We can build your new home, or fix the one you have. From digging your foundation to putting the roof on, we got you covered!

Our Services Include


-Pipe Welding -Structural Welding -Rigging and Cranes

-Mechanical Installation-Metal Fabrication

-Anything between home remodeling and home construction -Residential Electrical -Home Excavation -Landscaping and many more. Contact us today to get your project started!